Clan [VP] - "Good job Mr. Vice President!"
Clan [VP] "Good Job Mr. Vice President!"

Who are Clan[VP]?

Clan [VP] are a small group of likeminded newly-converted-gamers from the UK. Founded by [VP]Cheney, [VP]Nixon, and [VP]Gore in November 2008. It all started when [VP]Gore came across a free FPS called "Alien Arena" while finding bits and bobs for ubuntu. He played, he liked, he fragged! After showing the game to [VP]Cheney who then showed it to [VP]Nixon. All three became hooked and were playing on a daily basis.

Through the course of a few weeks, they all came across "teamkillers" (People who shoot up their own team), and of course, the obligatory "leet's" (The people who are all about satisfying their own hunger for superiority by acting like nobheads). Starting to get sick of the teamkillers and leets, the three of them decided to set up their own private game, and ventrilo servers, and play the game for what it's supposed to be played for.. FUN!

We're all about saying "Good job Mr. Vice President" with every kill or flag capture, no matter what team they're on. Usually you'll find, if you're on a team of "leets" or what we like to call "The way too serious gaymers" you'll be flooded with comments such as "Idiot" and many other comments including shots at your mother. We don't care if our team member loses the flag, or does something particularly stupid, because at the end of the day, it is "only a game".

We got very fed up, very quickly, of these clans that are all about how "leet" you are. You know the ones that take it all too seriously. "Don't apply to us, we'll find you!", and "Get 40000 frags in 2 days".. Nahh, we just like to have fun! So this clan is all about having fun.

We've got our own server, for "training" (i.e. fuckin about), a Ventrilo server so we can all have a bit of a chat while knocking ten bells of shite out of each other, and of course, we have FUN!

So with this, welcome to our website, and hope to see you around the Alien Arena servers. We look forward to fragging with you.

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