Clan [VP] - "Good job Mr. Vice President!"
Clan [VP] "Good Job Mr. Vice President!"

So, you wanna join a Clan?

Alien Cadets is Alien Arenas new stepping stone clan - it's from here that all of the main clans will recruit their new members. By agreement between all of us people will do a minimum of 2 weeks in AC before being recruited by any of the clans.

We've got a staff of reps so that newcomers can meet members of every existing clan, can get out and play games with them, and can get a taste of matching against (and with) the old veterans. We'll try and help you out with your game and any problems you've got as best we can - just ask us - and will help ease you in to the exciting world of Alien Arena clan action.

AC will also serve as a substitute pool of players - If, for example, a clan is one player short for a match then an AC member (or rep) can fill in for that clan and play for them in that single game.

Rules for AC are simple - any newcomer can join, membership lasts for 2 weeks to 2 months tops (depends on when clans offer you a place) and there's no pressure. You can try out AC, decide you don't want to be in a clan, and nobody will think any the worse of you for it, as well as getting feedback on your game and advice on improving it.

So why not give us a try? It doesn't cost anything, you can meet a lot of great people, and get a taste of the best that Alien Arena has to offer :)

Signup thread is Here

Our tag ingame is :ac: for the clan representatives, and .ac. for the members. Ask any of us about it, join IRC chat and ask there, or feel free to PM a rep here. The goal of AC is to make the AA clan scene as welcoming as possible for new players, and to let you meet all of the clans before having to make a choice on joining one. 

Cheers for reading, hope to see ya in the arena soon :)

Required (you will learn most of this as you progress):
- The game of course, and access to the Internet.
- Knowledge of the most popular CTF/DM maps.
- Knowledge of all the guns, what they do, and the alt fire modes.
- A relaxed attitude.
- A sense of humor, and the ability to have fun and laugh at the expense of yourself and others.
- An X-Fire account (sign up for free at

- Headset/Microphone (for mumble comms if desired)
- A copy of Mumble (if desired)
- A block of cheese. (for snacking purposes only. Do not try this at home!)

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