Clan [VP] - "Good job Mr. Vice President!"
Clan [VP] "Good Job Mr. Vice President!"

We are CLAN[VP]!

Just a quick warning notice.

Leet's not welcome!

Right, now with that out of the way, a quick intro.

Clan [VP] has been set up by three likeminded new gamers. None of us were really gamers before now, until of course Alien Arena. This game captured us, and took up hours of our time that we should really be using to work and socialise. However, we think this really is a fantastic FPS, and best of all, it's completely open source! Long live OS.

We set up this clan because basically, we're fed up of these clans that are all about how "leet" you are. You know the ones that take it all too seriously. "Don't apply to us, we'll find you!", and "Get 40000 frags in 2 days".. Nahh, we just like to have fun! So this clan is all about having fun.

We've got our own server, for "training" (screwing around), a Ventrilo server so we can all have a bit of a chat while knocking three bells of shite out of each other, and of course, we have FUN! -- You can read more about who we are, by clicking here


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